Payment due ASAP

Hey guys. If you plan on attending the reunion you must get your check in the mail by today or pay by Paypal by Friday. We are not selling tickets at the door. Last chance and thanks to all those who have paid so far.

As a reminder, tickets are $40 a piece and you can either buy them here via the link at right or mail a check to PO Box 553, HIxsonText Color, TN 37343. Please make checks payable to Chattanooga Central Class of 2000.

Buy Tickets Now!

Invitations are going out next week so if you haven't given us your address using the link at the top of the page, please do. I've also set up a paypal link on the right hand side of the page so you can buy tickets. Tickets are $40 per person but I had to add a $2.50 convenience charge to credit to cover paypal charges. You can also mail checks made out to Chattanooga Central Class of 2000 to PO Box 553, Hixson, TN 37343.

Payment is due by September 11.

Help us Find Classmates

We will be sending out invitations for the reunion over the next couple of weeks; however, we have been unable to locate the following individuals. If you still keep in touch with anyone, please let us know how we may be able to reach them. Thanks!

Trina Bales
Billy Joe Barbee
Jamie Bell
Adam Bible
Jessica Broadnax
Roderick Butchee
Demetris Clark
Faith Cooper
Kimberly Crombie
Anton Cunningham
Steven Davis
Trevor Elliot
Lebron Evans
Jameshia Evans
Shenicqua Evans
David Fox
Travis Fuson
Billy Griffin
Brandon Griggs
Nick Harris
Holly Holdaway
David Jones
Matt Joslin
Michael Knox
Rajan Kshatri
Will Leamon
Timothy Light
Maria Masters
Amy McArthur
Brooke Moser
Jackie Mount
Marty Oakes
Michael Oliver
Adam Palmer
Victoria Parks
Letrice Patterson
Darryl Roberts
Michael Rowe
Stacy Runyan
Adrian Salinas
Katrina Shaw
Matt Simmons
Gibson Sims
JP Skelton
Abby Sowder
Maurice Thornton
Quintel Thurman
Latasha Todd
Michael Varnell
Matt Vickers
Germaine Ware

Music Memories

We're tying to pick some music from our time in high school to play at the reunion. Let me know some of your favorite songs by posting a comment.

Send Us Your Photos

For the reunion, we would like to create a then and now montage showing a photo of you from high school and one of you now, either alone or featuring your family. Even if you aren't able to attend, we would like to include as many people as possible to show how we've all changed.

Additionally, we would like to use any fun photos you have from high school for slideshows, display books, etc. Please send me any photos you would like to have available for us to use in one way or another. Essentially anything fun for us to reminisce.

If you have these photos electronically, please email them
here. If you have hard copies, send me an email and I'll provide you an address where you can send them.

Reunion Date Set

We have a reunion date set, September 25. I'll be posting additional details as planning progresses but we have reserved Niko's Southside Grill. This location choice was made based on cost and overall attendance from recent classes. Please provide your address at the top of the page if you have not already done so.

Please Vote Below

Hey guys, just a reminder that the poll below closes Sunday. Please let us know if you're even interested in attending a reunion next fall below so we can determine a place to host the event.